A Psychological Roadmap for Creating Content That Connects

Today we are going to talk psychology. Rest assured this will not end with you dredging up painful childhood memories and crying on the couch while you eat your weight in ice cream. It’s not that kind of psychology. We will be taking a look at simple psychological concepts you can build your content around to better connect with your audience. After all, marketing boils down to connecting with your audience and compelling them to take action.

We All Want to Impress

Online or off, we all want to impress others. People will endorse your content if they believe it will make a positive impression on those in their social circles, digital or otherwise. Engineer your content so it will impress members of particular audiences, and positive attention will soon follow.

People Connect with What They Are Passionate about

This one’s pretty simple. Incorporate a point of passion and your audience will connect with your content on an emotional level. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about a cause or organization. Content that evokes emotional responses will get shared.

We Are Wired to Help

Believe it or not, even in today’s society, we are wired to help one another. And it is possible to lend people a hand in the digital world. People can lend a hand over the Internet through a virtual show of support or by actually becoming part of the cause. Something as simple as a like or retweet will enable people to show their support. The Internet makes communication and connection effortless. If someone has a desire to get involved with a cause all they have to do is type a quick message and hit send. When it comes to emotional connections, creating successful content involves creating a message that connects and motivates people to show their support.

We Avoid Negatives And Seek What Makes Us Happy

It is human nature to avoid things that introduce negativity into our lives and to be drawn toward those things, which make us happy. This tactic simply comes down to deliverables. Deliver something that brings happiness or joy and your audience will show their appreciation. By the same token, if you can bring them an item that will eliminate a painful or negative experience they will most likely reward you. To employ this approach, make a list of items that are of genuine value and bring a smile to the face of your audience. Conversely, you can build a list of things that bring negative experiences along with potential remedies for those pain points. Then, create content that fills desires or alleviates problems.

Achieving Goals

We all like the feeling of success that comes with accomplishing our goals. This still rings true even if our goal is small. Create a piece of content that helps your market achieve one of their goals and they will think of you in a positive light.

Employing these simple psychological approaches will provide you with a roadmap for developing content that genuinely resonates with your audience.

Leave your feedback and let us know what you think about these concepts or what type of success you have had incorporating these ideas.